5 Email Customer Engagement Metrics to Track and How to Improve Them

Numbers are at the heart of every successful business. While your gut instinct does count in situations for which you have no data to analyze, business decisions should revolve around numerical data when it is available. Here are five important customer engagement metrics your business should pay attention to.

How To Reengage Non-Openers

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Subscribers who open your emails can be your business’s strongest source of revenue, but what about the inevitable flock of inactive email subscribers who never open your mailings? These inactive subscribers (called non-openers) may have initially subscribed for a one-time coupon, or they may have…

5 Tips for More Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

It’s well-known that reaching your audience through engaging emails is a great way to build relationships and increase the bottom line of your business. What isn’t so well-known—or well-implemented—are the factors that generate robust, year-over-year (YOY) growth for email marketing effectiveness. Check out the five tips that can help make your email marketing campaigns more effective.