Learn more about email marketing and the best practices that will improve the results of your email marketing campaigns.

What Is Email Marketing and Why Use It?

Have you been avoiding email marketing in your business because you think it will annoy your customers? If so, your assumption could be causing you to lose business.

Here’s what email marketing is and why it’s important to use in your business. Learn the benefits of email marketing for your business, and how to use email effectively without annoying customers or sending spam.

What Is Email Marketing?

How To Build an Email List

Email List-Building Strategies
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Building an email list and sending email marketing campaigns is one of the keys to growing a business on a limited budget. Your email list will let you stay in touch with prospects and customers, so they choose you when they are ready to make a purchase.
But, how do you get people to subscribe to begin witht? Learn how to build your email list with these best practices.

Authenticate Your Sending Domain

Google, Yahoo, and many of the major mail receiving servers now require bulk email senders to authenticate their sending domains. In other words, you have to prove the domain name in the from line is real. This is called Dmarc authentication and is to help prevent fake emails and fraudulent mailings from reaching email recipients. Here’s what you need to know about DMarc and how to authenticate your domain.

What Kind of Emails Should You Send?

Staying in touch with customers and prospects should be one of your top marketing strategies. Email makes communications easy. Here are 10 types of emails that businesses commonly send to customers to let them know they care and to keep the business name top of mind.

Calendar Dates for Email Marketing

Email marketing calendar ideas

Not sure what kind of emails to send to your subscribers and customers? One good idea is to tie your email campaigns into special “days” and holidays that are promoted nationwide, and sometimes worldwide. Here’s a month-by-month list of some of the most popular. You can also search our blog for the term email ideas and the month (example: August Email Ideas). The search box is on the top right of all pages on this site.

Use Opt-In Email Signup Forms

You need permission to send marketing emails to customers and prospects. Learn the best practices for creating opt-in email signup forms and using them to build your mailing list.

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Email Marketing Terms Glossary

If you are new to email marketing or internet marketing, you are likely to run into terms you don’t understand, or are uncertain about. This email marketing glossary provides definitions for some of the most commonly used email marketing terms.

Email marketing terms glossary