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Email has been around as an effective means of marketing communications since at least the 1980s. I know, because I started using an email newsletter in 1988 to encourage people to revisit a RoundTable (forum) I ran on the General Electric Network for Information Exchange (GEnie service) at the time. 

A few years later, I started doing the same thing for the forum I ran on America Online. Then, when I was launching the Businessknowhow.com website in 1996, I knew the best idea for keeping in touch with our audience and getting them to revisit the site was to use email marketing. The Business Know-How email newsletters I sent out on a regular basis brought more than 1,000 visits a week to the website. (Businessknowhow.com is now owned by ZenBusiness.com.)

Email communications do more than just bring people back to a website, however. I ran an ecommerce business for about 10 years and used email to remarket to our customers. It increased the lifetime value of our customers and brought in a significant amount of our revenue.

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Fast forward to today, and email marketing still works. Although webinars, social media, text messaging, and video are popular ways of interacting with customers today, email is still the most cost-effective marketing tool available to small businesses. According to Litmus, in 2021, email marketing has an ROI of $36 for every dollar spent. Although it’s a bit lower than years past, it’s still higher than any other marketing channel.

Despite its many benefits for business, many aren’t using it, or aren’t using it effectively in their business. That’s why I’ve set up this email marketing ideas website.

The mission for the site is to help businesses understand and use email successfully to boost their bottom line. The site includes basic information about how to do email marketing as well as more advanced tips, hints, and email marketing strategies. And, of course, we have a free email newsletter that will provide you with tips and hints for using email to help your business prosper.  

Email Marketing Ideas is owned by Attard Communications, Inc., a woman-owned business. Finally, if you have any questions or comments about this site or using email marketing in your own business, please fill out our contact form and let us know.

–Janet Attard