7 Email Marketing Campaign Ideas for Professional Organizers

Content ideas for personal organizers

As a professional organizer, an email marketing campaign can be one of the best tools in your arsenal for reaching out to current customers and encouraging new subscribers to give your services a try. Whether your niche is closets or garages, home offices or laundry areas, you can use email marketing to build your brand while promoting trends and promotions in your field.

Recognizing that the average person receives more than 100 emails in a given day, some organizers are hesitant about adding to the noise. However, email marketing remains one of the best investments for small businesses. To make it work, you just have to know how to break through the noise and connect with your target audience.

Here are seven email marketing content ideas that professional organizers can use to interest their subscribers, get their messages read and bring in business.

1. Free Personal Organization Checklists

As a professional organizer, you naturally want to promote order and organization in your email communications. That’s why checklists are good email content for marketing your services. For example, you could create a list telling subscribers what steps to take to turn a hall closet into a pantry or create a craft closet in the garage. On the other hand, you could create a planner offering closet organization advice for new homeowners. The goal is to showcase your expertise and ingenuity and inspire customers to contact you for help getting their homes in order.

2. Complimentary E-Courses

Who doesn’t love to get something for free? While experts generally advise that marketers avoid giving away their products or services, there’s nothing wrong with offering a small freebie to generate goodwill and encourage customers to make a purchase. Complimentary e-courses and white papers are a great idea for building trust in your subscriber base. The goal is to offer something of value based on your years of industry experience. Not confident in your ability to write course content? You could live stream a class or even record an informational video for customers to view at their leisure. Consider offering a free design consultation to those who download your e-course.

3. Headlines with Numbers

Listicles are popular email campaign and blog content for a reason. Research shows that including numbers in an email subject line boosts clickthrough rates by a whopping 206 percent. While experts aren’t sure why this tactic is so effective, there’s evidence that numbers stand out from a sea of text, drawing the eye and encouraging people to keep reading. You can take advantage of this psychological trend by employing this headline style in your email marketing campaign. As a professional organizer, consider headlines that appeal to a client’s goals and desires. Options include “How to Make a Small Closet Feel Bigger in 3 Easy Steps” or “5 Tips for Making Your Pantry More Kid Friendly.”

To maximize conversions, consider A/B testing two headlines to see which one generates the better results.

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4. Intriguing Studies and Testimonials

It’s no secret that people aren’t always eager to commit to a cleaning project. Whether you want to prompt customers to spring clean the attic or organize the closet in a master bedroom, you might need to convince them of the benefits of using your personal organization services. As a professional organizer, you can inspire subscribers by sharing articles or studies on the effects of getting one’s home in order. Bestselling author Marie Kondo used this technique expertly when she wrote about the benefits of cutting clutter. However, you don’t have to do a deep dive into cleaning psychology to utilize this technique. Instead, think about sharing some testimonials or success stories from past clients who were happy with your work. The goal is to show prospective clients how much better (and more organized) their lives could be if they signed up for your services. 

5. New Personal Organization Offerings

Your customers don’t have to be Container Store devotees to get excited about new offerings in the world of home organization. If you recently acquired some new organization products, accessories, or finishes, consider using your email marketing campaigns to share these options with subscribers. Along with pictures of the new offerings, include text explaining the benefits of the items and why they’re so special. You can also use these emails to promote sales or discounts on new products in your inventory.

6. Holiday Celebrations

The holidays offer a great marketing opportunity for businesses of all stripes, and professional organizers are no exception. Recognizing that your customers are probably preoccupied by the seasonal activities and celebrations, you can encourage them to book a service based on what’s going on in the world. For example, as temperatures start to warm up, you could send an email about the benefits of spring cleaning their garages. Remind customers that kids will likely be participating in more outdoor activities soon, and parents will need to create room for sports supplies and pool gear. On the other hand, as the holidays approach, you could suggest that subscribers consider organizing their guest room closet in time for December visitors. 

Most people like to feel that their home is attractive and on trend. As an entrepreneur in the professional organization business, you can boost your brand credibility by informing people about the coming trends in your industry before they see them out in the world. For example, if a popular Instagrammer recently organized her closet according to color, you could send out an email marketing story telling customers about this trend. Similarly, as the natural wood craze gains popularity in interior decorating, closet organization pros are increasingly incorporating these accessories and finishes into their designs. Suggest that customers give this trend a try if they want to stay stylish and modern. 

Email is one of the best tools in a professional organizer’s marketing arsenal. Employ the above content ideas and techniques to promote products and services while building your authority as an expert in the field. Even if customers don’t have a need for your help at present, your email marketing campaigns will help establish yourself as an expert so they will come to you when they need work done in the future.

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