Email Content Ideas for Spring: What to Send to Your List in April and May

Email Content Ideas for Spring: What to Send to Your List in April and May

Spring is associated with beauty, growth, and renewal. It’s also the perfect opportunity to bid goodbye to the old and welcome all things new, including fresh email marketing content ideas for your company’s email marketing campaign. To capitalize on the season of change, consider shaking up your current email routine while celebrating all the little moments and holidays that make spring such a special time of year. Keep reading to learn more about the psychology of spring as well as how e-commerce brands can incorporate seasonal messaging into their marketing content. 

The Psychology of Spring (Marketing)

There’s something about spring that seems to make people feel better. For Northern Hemisphere countries in particular, the arrival of spring coincides with longer days and shorter nights. This increased period of daylight has a positive effect on mood, boosting serotonin levels and causing many of us to feel more hopeful. Clearly, spring is a time of year worth celebrating and a great opportunity to reach out to your existing customer base. The trick is crafting messages that reflect all that’s great about the season while encouraging subscribers to purchase your products or services. 

Email Marketing Content Ideas Perfect for Spring

As the snow melts and the temperature heats up, it’s a great time to change up your marketing efforts. Here are some of our tips for crafting messages perfect for April and May.

Switch Up Your Email Look

Despite hearing advice to the contrary, plenty of people judge books by their covers – and emails and newsletters by their visuals. Even the most carefully crafted message can easily be ignored if your current email design is less than appealing. In honor of spring, take some time to assess your color scheme and layout, as well as the use of elements like 3D imagery, fonts, and GIFs. Don’t be afraid to incorporate some of the most popular email trends, such as muted palettes, simple yet bold fonts, and minimalist designs featuring plenty of white space. Or go with a white background highlighted by colors of spring tulips and azaleas. The goal is to choose a style and layout that melds well with your brand.

Celebrate the Season

Holidays and events offer a great opportunity for marketers to connect with their audiences over common areas of interest. Fortunately, spring is chock full of special days to celebrate. As a business owner, you can send newsletters or emails honoring popular events like Passover, Easter, and Cinco De Mayo as well as less well-known holidays, such as National Chocolate Mousse Day (April 3), National Siblings Day (April 10), or even World Penguin Day (April 25). For example, a local cafe may invite customers in for a discount pastry in honor of National Chocolate Mousse Day. On the other hand, a clothing boutique might suggest that shoppers order a gift for their sisters or brothers to celebrate Siblings Day. For best results, include an eye-catching photo or illustration to drive your point home. When it comes to creating campaigns, the only limit is your creativity. 

Promote Travel

The arrival of warmer weather has many of us dreaming of jetting off to sandy beaches in parts unknown. As a marketer, you can take advantage of this trend by sending out messaging that highlights the joys of travel. For example, a swimsuit brand may want to send an email with a list of must-have items for the ultimate beach day. Along with swimwear, you could include items like sunscreen, coolers, and of course, a great beach read. In addition to capitalizing on your customers’ wanderlust, this type of email offers value to your audience and increases the odds of them remaining on your subscriber list. On the other hand, a local French restaurant could encourage people to stop in for a meal if they don’t have the time (or money) to vacation in Paris this spring.

Encourage a Fresh Start for Spring

Speaking of spring, the season of rebirth is the perfect time to celebrate a fresh start. Cleaning companies and organization services can take advantage of the season by encouraging subscribers to get their homes and business in order. For example, you could send an email offering a coupon for discounted deep cleaning or walk-in closet installation. Gyms and fitness trainers can send out Spring fitness campaigns, reminding their subscribers that now’s the time to get in shape for summer. Retailers can highlight sales on clearance items to boost revenue while clearing out space on your shelves for summer and fall merchandise. 

Build Trust

Fake emails and news stories on April Fools’ Day have become all too common. While some subscribers find these messages amusing, others are simply annoyed at being tricked. Avoid winding up in your customers’ trash bins by using your April Fools’ Day emails as a chance to build trust. Rather than joking around or playing a trick on your subscribers, treat them to a real discount or freebie. They’ll appreciate that you’re giving them something of actual value on a day dedicated to hoaxes. 

Send Flowery Emails

No, not flowery language. We’re talking about real flowers. If you’re a florist, send out email promos featuring Spring floral arrangements. Send out reminders to place holiday orders early, too. If you run a nursery, send emails educating subscribers about when to plant shrubs and flowers with a call to action to order them.  Other types of stores and boutiques could offer a colorful cut flower  or a tiny potted plant to the first 25 people to enter the store on a particular day.

Appreciate Teachers

Show gratitude towards educators in May. National Teacher’s Day is May 7th. Create unique offers designed just for them. Consider sending out emails highlighting discounted rates on your products/services exclusively available to teachers during this week using promo codes specific to their profession.

Celebrate Moms

Moms play a vital role in our lives, so it’s no surprise that Mother’s Day is one of the most beloved holidays of the spring season. It’s also a great opportunity to revitalize your email marketing efforts. We love the idea of offering a gift guide for customers who may not know what to buy. For example, a local jeweler could send an email encouraging customers to opt for a beautiful pair of earrings as a Mother’s Day gift instead of the typical bouquet of roses. After all, diamonds are forever!

Say Thanks to Veterans

Just about everyone on your subscriber list knows someone who’s served in the Armed Forces. To that end, Memorial Day is a popular spring holiday and a great opportunity for marketers to connect with their customer base. When messaging your subscribers, first take time to acknowledge the sacrifices of our nation’s veterans. You can also offer a special discount to current and former soldiers while thanking them for everything they’ve done to protect our liberties. 

Regardless of the season, the right email marketing campaign can inspire both loyalty and sales. Dream up some creative subject lines and watch your sales grow along with the spring flowers. 

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