January Email Content Ideas

January Email Content Ideas

With an increasing number of consumers making purchases from their laptop or smart phone, the beginning of January is a good time to ramp up your company’s email marketing efforts. And since email marketers earn an average of $36 for every $1 spent, there’s a good chance you’ll see a strong return on your investment. The trick is to find creative ways of capitalizing on the New Year theme when reaching out to subscribers. From special sales promotions to tips on making and keeping resolutions, check out these innovative January email content ideas.

A Recap of the Year

The New Year is a great time to set goals for the future. However, sentimental types also enjoy looking back at what they achieved over the past year. With that in mind, companies may want to consider year-end recaps as a component of their email marketing campaigns. Not only does this look-back shows subscribers you’ve been paying attention to their buying habits, but it also reminds them of times they patronized your business in the past.

For example, Fandango has seen success by sending yearly recap emails listing all the movies that customers viewed over the last year. Similarly, Uber has emailed customers with info about their travel stats from the last 12 months. As a bonus, this strategy lets customers know that you appreciate them and encourages them to use your services again in the year ahead. This type of marketing campaign can also encourage subscribers to keep up with their goals. For example, a service offering online classes could send an email reminding customers of what courses they took last year and encouraging them to continue their education. 

A Success Guide for the New Year

Help your clients and customers achieve success in the new year by providing them with a step-by-step success guide in January.

For instance, if you are a web developer, one type of newsletter content that would help potential customers an email guide that helps them outline their needs and expectations. The list might include questions such as what purpose the site will serve and what types of content needs to be on it (i.e., company logo, product photos, how-to articles, videos), need to capture leads from the site, who the client expects to handle SEO and content creation, and expected completion date for the project.  

A company that provides lawn maintenance and related services could send customers a list of services and timelines for keeping their yards looking attractive. It could include items such as spring yard cleanup, mulching, weed prevention application and reseeding along with the best time to have those services performed. Remind customers to schedule in advance to be sure you can get them on your schedule.

An After-Holiday Sale

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean your customers are done shopping. In fact, subscribers may even have received some spending money as part of their Christmas or Hanukkah presents. With the right after-holiday sale or promotion, shoppers will be willing to open their wallets again, so find a unique way of getting their attention. For example, you could list a new item on your website or reward loyal customers by offering special clearance pricing on products that didn’t sell in December. As a bonus, you’ll clear out old stock in time for spring. Consider an email that encourages customers to treat themselves now that they’re done shopping for family and friends.

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A Play on Resolutions

Resolutions are synonymous with the New Year. In fact, studies show that 45 percent of Americans regularly make resolutions each January. If you want to get customers’ attention, it makes sense to talk about something that’s already on their minds. The good news is that just about any business can play on the theme of goal-setting by encouraging shoppers to make a purchase or sign up for a service. For example, a house renovation company could send an email suggesting people finally resolve to build their dream bathroom. On the other hand, a local gym could capitalize on the health resolution trend by encouraging former members to renew their subscriptions. Finally, a life coach might opt to send an email with success stories or testimonials from previous clients. The idea is to encourage subscribers not to give up on their plans and goals for the future.

Additionally, businesses can foster customer retention and repeat sales by informing customers about a new trend as a way of prompting them to make a purchase. For example, a jewelry store could create an email educating shoppers about the new drop earring trend and then suggest that they treat themselves to something special. Similarly, a salon might want to send an email about the current hair dye trends with a message encouraging customers to try a new ‘do for the New Year.

Anti-Resolution Content

Of course, some people prefer breaking resolutions to making them. If you want to stand out from the email marketing crowd at this time of year, anti-resolution content may be the way to go. For example, a bakery could encourage its subscribers to forget about the diet and love the body they’re in. Along with prompting customers to come in for treats, this kind of message sends positivity into the world. This content can also work well for clothing companies and beauty suppliers. For example, online women’s clothing retailer Mod Cloth has won converts with a swimsuit campaign that featured models of different shapes and sizes. The idea is to remind customers they’re perfect the way they are, and they don’t have to wait until they drop pounds to buy new clothes.

Contests and Challenges

The New Year is a time to try new things. In fact, a  2019 survey of people who made New Year’s resolutions revealed that nearly 30 percent of them resolved to start a new hobby. If you want to capture subscribers’ attention at this time of year, look for ways to inspire them. For example, you could use your email content to announce a contest or competition wherein customers submit their favorite inspirational stories or quotes. Invite them to post these messages on your company’s social media page as a way of boosting engagement. You can let followers vote on their favorite entries with likes and comments. For best results, offer a discount or free shipping offer to those who submit an entry and reward the winner with a free product or service.

Well Wishes and Thanks

Promotions and giveaways are great for boosting click-throughs. However, not all people are eager to spend money so soon after the holidays. After hitting the stores in December, some customers are eager to let their bank accounts rest come January. As an online marketer, you can give your subscribers a break by sending a simple email with well-wishes for the year ahead. Thank your customers for entrusting you with their business and tell them you hope to work together again in the future. Honest and thoughtful, this kind of messaging says your company cares about its customers while promoting positivity and goodwill.

With the right message, you can endear yourself to subscribers while reminding them of the good times you’ve had in the past and the good times you can have moving forward.